Emergency Spill & Incident Response

Emergencies can happen at the most unfavourable times. AT CIS, we have established a 24/7 – 365 emergency spill and incident response team to lend you a helping hand when it is needed the most.

We work closely with insurance companies, emergency services, clients and government authorities to ensure any chemical, oil or substance spill is dealt with immediately and effectively, keeping the environmental damage to an absolute minimum.

Experience matters.

  • Rapid deployment of our emergency spill and incident response team to your site
  • Spills are fully assessed by trained and accredited personnel
  • Ensuring all legal obligations are met
  • Containing, packaging and removal of arising waste

Call us for immediate emergency response!

Your problem – Our mission.

By deploying our service rapidly, we minimise the chances of disastrous reputational damage, heavy fines,  and individual criminal prosecutions. We ensure the highest degree of environmental protection, while keeping disruption to your business processes minimal. Our vehicles are well equipped with adequate provisions to deal with tank ruptures, burn and river contamination.

In order to secure our customers’ privacy, we work with the highest possible discretion.

“We have the solution”