Emergency Spill Response Services


Emergencies can happen at the most unfavourable times. At CIS we know that and thus have established a 24-hour emergency response team to lend you a helping hand when it is needed the most.


Experience matters

We work closely with insurance companies, emergency services, clients and government authorities to ensure any chemical, oil or substance spill is dealt with immediately and effectively.

All spillages are fully assessed ensuring all aspects of the emergency are carried out in a methodically controlled manner and all waste arisings are contained, packaged, removed and disposed of in accordance with all applicable legislation.

We ensure that in these delicate circumstances all works are carried out with the utmost discretion and our client’s confidentiality is protected.


Your problem – Our mission

Our main priority is to ensure the absolute minimum damage is done to the environment, hence our emergency response vehicles are able to respond 24-hours per day and are equipped with adequate provisions to deal with tank ruptures, burn and river contamination.


In order to secure our customers’ privacy, we work with the highest possible discretion. Let us help you to find a solution to your urgent problem.


Just call 01786814633 anytime.


“We have the solution” James McGillivray (Technical Director)


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