Our services

CIS has a rich history of supplying many key customers in Scotland. Thereby, we help to ensure the constant supply of such an important resource, help to decrease downtime when outages occur or provide temporary water infrastructure for events, emergencies or in distant areas.

We operate an emergency service and are proud of our capabilities enabling us to set up water services rapidly. Call us on 01786 814633 for more information.

Our equipment ranges from 30.000l freshwater tankers to containers or pallets stocked with bottled water. Our operators hold all the necessary qualifications and are able to ensure the highest possible quality and safe delivery of the water.

The world water crisis

What we consider as normal here in Scotland is far away from the reality of 2.2 billion people worldwide without access to safely managed drinking water.

The importance of water as a means of maintaining hygiene has become crystal clear throughout the ongoing pandemic. Every year more than 1.5 million children die from water-related diseases. In turn though, the WHO estimates that every Pound invested in water and sanitation has an economic return of £2 – £26. We want to raise awareness for the world water crisis. Below are further information of the United Nations ambitions, the current situation, and ways to help.