Liquid Sludge & Waste Removal

Liquid Sludge & Waste Removal is integral in ensuring smooth processes in many industrial environments such as the commercial, municipal and industrial sector.  We’re here to ensure that your demands are met by operating an above-average fleet of Vacuum Tankers and providing you with the best possible service in removing liquid sludge and waste.

Doing so we manipulate bulk and liquid wastes, ranging from trade effluents, off-specification and contaminated products, sewage, material from spills and much more.

Our experienced workforce works faster and with a higher quality of output than the industry average. And we have done this for the past 30 years.

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Our Services

  • Maintanance cleaning of sewers, drains and culverts
  • Emergency blockage removal
  • Removal and Disposal of sewage, fat, debris or build-up silt
  • Disposal of spill material and contaminated products

Meet our fleet

4000 – 5,500 gallon capacity semi-trailer mounted, diesel driven Vacuum Tanker operating at 550 CFM fitted with hydraulic tipping equipment and fully opening rear door to facilitate the discharge of solid or sticky materials.

Hard to handle wastes such as sludge and heavy silt are removed with ease using our high powered industrial 4,500-gallon Liquid Ring Vacuum Units with diesel-driven vacuum loaders operating at between 2800 and 4500 CFM at 28” HG. These units are ideally suited to remove and transport sticky or solid materials, slurries, mud etc. and are safer than conventional vacuum equipment when handling lower flash point materials.