Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

Central Industrial Services provides a wide variety of services for producers of hazardous, difficult to handle and special waste. We aim to find sustainable solutions for your waste and thus help you decrease your negative ecological impact while also ensuring an economically friendly authorised disposal route.

Our Services

  •         Specialists to assess your waste on-site
  •         Packaging and labelling of waste
  •         Decontamination of lay-down areas and vessel cleaning
  •         Waste analysis
  •         Sourcing disposal routes
  •         Qualified ADR accredited drivers for transporting services
  •         Specialised tank cleaning crews and rescue squads
  •         Waste transfer notes and pre-notification S.E.P.A. forms for hazardous material
  •         Authorised, audited waste disposal facilities

Our standards:

The CIS workforce consists of fully trained professionals which will always source and advise you of the safest, most economical and environmentally friendly disposal options.

As safety is key with hazardous waste, we ensure all parties legal obligations are met in accordance with all applicable legislation and your duty of care. All of our tanker drivers are trained in accordance with the ADR regulations and have valid certificates. We exclusively collaborate with fully audited disposal facilities to ensure waste compatibility.

All work is undertaken with absolute discretion and we are happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements your Company may have.

Emergency Spill Response:

With a long-standing history in Emergency Spill Response, our team has a lot of experience in minimizing the negative impact of spillages. Call our 24/7 emergency response line on 01786 814633 or find more information here.

Site Clearances:

Our trained professionals conduct everything from the chemical identification of the waste to the segregation and repackaging and finally the removal and disposal. We utilize an extensive fleet of vehicles to ensure simple and efficient disposal of your waste in line with all applicable legislation and your special demands.

Waste Categorisation & Analysis:

We are able to offer Categorisation and Analysis Services for non-hazardous and hazardous waste. Reach out to our Team for more information.

Bulk Liquid hazardous and non-hazardous waste solutions:

Alkaline, acid and oil waste can be bulked up safely and in the appropriate manner, as our fleet incorporates various types of tankers (i.e. stainless steel, mild steel, glass-lined etc.)

We are able to collect bulk liquid waste from a multitude of packaging types, inclusive of drums, tanks, spray booths and storage pits. Together with our industrial cleaning division, we are able to include High-Pressure Water Jetting to decontaminate tanks, drain cleaning, chemical tank and dosing unit decontamination, incorporating confined space entry where necessary and rescue personnel with rescue equipment.