High Pressure Water Jetting
High pressure water jetting is ideally suited for cleaning tubes and pipework. Our fleet of High Pressure Water Jetting Units offer various pressure and flow rates and together with our specially designed jetting heads and lances we can clean vertical and horizontal, external and internal pipework that have various contamination from soft calcium to extremely enamelled and baked on deposits.

Our fleet consists of trailer mounted and lorry mounted units capable of delivering pressure between 100 and 49,000 p.s.i. with varying flow rates ranging from 5 litres to 71.4 litres per minute.

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The Autolance System
The Autolance System, semi-automatic air operated lancing system specifically designed to reduce cleaning times of heat exchangers, condensers, re-boilers etc. This unit is used in conjunction with the aforementioned jetting units and has fully adjustable forward and rear stops and can be used under pressure forward and back at varying speeds to accommodate the special cleaning needs of a wide variety of contaminants found in process plants.

All operators are trained and certificated in the use of high pressure water jetting equipment by the manufacturer and Water Training International.

In addition to the aforementioned, various accessories are available for use in conjunction with this equipment such as semi-flexible stainless steel small bore lances, foot control valves, floor cleaning equipment, rotating jets, surface preparation jets, drain cleaning equipment, slurry blasting equipment, flexible lances and various types of jets used to carry out the cleaning of heat exchangers, fin coolers, condensers, re-boilers, economiser tubes, pipework, drains, vessels, tanks, boilers etc.